Parents Obligations – One parent per family MUST nominate for a “helper job” to be completed on Friday nights, as our parent-run centre needs about 100 parent helpers on the field on every single Friday night to run the competition.

Setup/Packaway Parent Helper Roster

Parent Helper Agreement 

1. For safety reasons, every child must be signed in by a Parent/Guardian at the beginning of every competition night.

2. At least one Parent/Guardian of an athlete is expected to be present and assist with the program on Friday nights. Any athlete without a Parent/Guardian in attendance and helping will be unable to compete.

3. Tiny Tots must be accompanied by a Parent/Guardian at all times.

4. Correct centre uniform with clearly visible rego number and other patches must be worn at all times when competing. – Our strictly enforced policy is: NO uniform/number = NO competition.



It is very important if athletes are leaving competition early on a Friday night that Parents/Guardians come and personally speak to the appropriate Age Managers and inform them you are taking them away from the field. We have had instances in the past where Athletes have left the competition early without parents coming to see the Age Manager to notify them that they are safe and in their care.